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gabe4turtlecreeper asked: Why did you decide to make a cat mixed with a bug? (Catbug)


It’s my understanding that the idea to mix a cat with a bug came from showrunner, writer, and director, Breehn Burns, and you can read a little of that history over in a reddit AMA he did, where he describes an earlier version of a teleporting critter called Time Pug. So, you’d have to ask Breehn, but I notice off hand that Time Pug rhymes with Catbug (ha). Also, Breehn names Impossibear and Beth as some of his favorite characters from the show…those happen to be my faves as well! (Catbug a close third)

What I can share with you are some of my early sketches. To begin, Breehn sent me Sam Lavagnino’s first audio record (which was bonkers adorable), and pointed me to an early group shot Natasha Allegri illustrated which includes a flying catlike bug. He thought it would be interesting to explore a ladybug/cat hybrid. This was in April of 2012, and was one of my first assignments designing on the show (around the same time we were developing new characters like Impossibear and Plum).

Breehn liked the ‘hanging-open wing pose’ at the bottom of this set, so from there I explored another set of drawings, where I think his personality starts to show through. I drew more standing-up poses, as we knew he wouldn’t be flying all the time. My goal was to keep the design as simple as possible—to keep him chubby and cute like a baby.

From this page, I boiled it down to the 4 drawings which I later inked and colored up.

So yeah, that’s how the design for Catbug came to be, as best as I can recall. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking!